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Do I have to pay to access the Candidates Database?
Yes. If you choose a Flex Account, the Candidate Database can be added at a reduced rate. Or you can purchase access to the Candidate Database as a stand alone service.

How do I receive details of a candidate?
Our Flex Account offers a good value to source candidates.

You'll have access to candidates' name, qualifications, address, phone numbers, and a hidden email reply. You will also be able to view a list of all candidates, instead of just searching.

Why do some candidates withhold details about themselves?
Some candidates may wish to remain anonymous until they have established whether they want to reveal their identity to potential Employers or Recruiters. The ability to withhold personal information and contact details offers Candidates security. It's their choice.

Why should I use you to recruit?
There are two main reasons: SPEED and COST.

The normal methods of recruitment mean that you either: Devise a good advertisement, send to a newspaper or journal, wait for replies, sift through replies, shortlist candidates, arrange interviews, send off rejections, etc, etc.


Enlist an agency, sign contracts, wait for good, bad or indifferent responses, sift through CV's, shortlist candidates, arrange interviews, send off rejections, etc, etc.

How can I find candidates I'm looking for?
Our search engine will find the most suitable match for both Candidates and Employers.

It selects the right candidates for the job and the most viable jobs for the candidate. It allows you to focus quickly on the most likely match, saving you time.

I have registered in the wrong section. How can I change it?
If you have registered your company in the wrong section you must contact us to correct the mistake. In other words if you accidentally registered your company as a Recruiting Agency and it is not, you'll need to contact us to make the change.

How do I add my company logo to the jobs we have posted?
Login and select the "Manage Account" tab then the "Edit Company Information" option.

Find the "Browse" button and navigate on your computer where the logo image is stored. Select it and click "Open". To finish and upload the Logo select the "Update Information" button. That’s it! Your company logo should now be displayed and it will also appear on any job that you post.

Remember the image cannot be any wider than 200 pixels. Also it must be in a .gif or .jpg format and the name of the file CANNOT contain a space. If you need assistance please contact us.

I can't find the answer to my question - what now?
Write to us by completing the Contact Us form. We'll include your question here for the benefit of others. Thank you!

You can also call us at 877-723-7823 for immediate assistance. Our office hours are M-F, 8-5 central time.